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The credit card processing and merchant services from RAC Financial’s partnered solutions are designed to meet the payment needs of organizations both large and small. Additionally, with the integration to the RAC Financial’s Maximizer platform, our partnered solutions serve as your single partner for all payments (ACH, Check, File/Web Based, recurring, remittance and debit/credit card). Our services feature access to all major card platforms to provide coverage across all industry segments.

Online Reporting

Our dedicated associates are at your fingertips to help you with your processing needs with no additional charge!

P2P Encryption

We offer most terminals and point-of-sale systems available on the market, and can also reprogram your existing equipment!

EMV Payments

We provide competitive credit card processing rates and will never arbitrarily raise your prices. There are no hidden numbers.

Bank Program

Protect your transactions with Point-to-Point Encryption, PCI Scope reduction, complete EMV protection, and more.

Technology Simplified

Having the right tools to run a business doesn’t have to be complicated. We are here to provide you with the technology best suited for your business’s needs.

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is the web-based application for processing card present, card not present, and recurring payments. The Virtual Terminal can be integrated with EMV devices and utilized point to point encryption for data security and further reduction of PCI scope.

Software Integration

API Integration into gateways allows for full payment integration into core systems, enabling transaction information to be captured as part of the overall workflow process. No matter what system you run on, we will find a way to make it work.

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We understand the subtleties of the complex industry of credit card processing, which means we have the knowledge necessary to help your business succeed. We understand that courteous, professional, and relational services form the foundation for sustained, long-term growth. Solid business practices ensure stability and reliability for all of our customers. We are passionate about our work, and you can be assured that RAC Financial is here to help you.